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The ball is always in our court; we accept responsibility for our job.

We never accept things for what they are. We always look for what they can be, could be, or should be. We have instilled that thought process in everyone we work with.

We are separated from other firms by our philosophy. We are in the mainstream in our philosophy on taxation and financial reporting, but we leave no stone unturned in trying to find legitimate methods for reducing taxable income while showing the best financial results possible within the confines of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. We are experts in the areas of timing of the reporting of income and timing of deductions, in accordance with the differences in financial accounting rules and tax rules. We take advantage of differences in the rules when it serves our clients, often in areas that most CPAs never even consider.

When our clients are hungry for change, we make a difference overnight.

We often need to help clients to eliminate unnecessary financial reporting detail and complexity so they can see their financial picture more clearly.

We often change the way our clients look at things to get them to understand their own cost structure in all of its fixed and variable elements. Our clients cut cost and/or raise prices when they better understand their cost structure.

Taxes: No client of ours has ever lost a case in tax court. Lee Anthony has helped the Internal Revenue Service to rewrite regulations on more than one occasion when we ran into a problem with third party interpretations of the tax law. We worked with the Internal Revenue Service to write the regulations related to the treatment of installment sales and wrap around mortgages. We also participated in writing the rules regarding retirement of industrial development bonds, and we helped IRS specialists to understand the application of the uniform capitalization rules to construction contracts. We have helped our clients to avoid tax traps, including the son of a Boss tax scam that was promoted by National CPA firms, which resulted in six billion dollars of tax penalty and interest for taxpayers and half of a billion dollars in fines to the National CPA firms that promoted it. Our work in tax matters has saved our clients tens of millions of dollars in penalty and interest exposure.

Accounting: When necessary, we have changed the way the mainstream sees things. Two thirds of leading California surety companies now use deferred tax methods and working capital computations that were pioneered at our firm.

Specialized Services: We are experts in succession planning, including sales to ESOP's, and sales to Intentionally Defective Grantor Trusts and charitable remainder trusts, and in valuation. In some areas, we are the only cost-effective experts serving middle market companies. In those areas, our competitors in Southern California are mostly national firms that charge three to ten times as much as we do, often for work that is significantly less focused than ours. National firms work is often less cost effective than ours because their work is too often policy driven and menu driven, while ours is based on facts and circumstances.

Consulting: All of our consulting is a byproduct of our financial reporting. In a sense, we do the problem solving for free once we get involved as your CPA firm; it is part of the cost of the financial reporting process. No other middle market CPA firm that we are familiar with functions the same way we do.

Most companies can improve, and sometimes the things they need to do are obvious to third parties. When we detect necessary changes, we voice our opinions. When clients are not in crisis, we patiently pursue necessary change as long as a client makes some small positive incremental changes at reasonable intervals, and as long as we can help along the way.

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